Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY ( Do It Yourself ) - Short necklace

What you need:
- 32 cm of large curbed chain
- 1 big and 2 small glass or wooden beadse
- 3 pins
- 4 jump rings
- 1 set of claps
- 1 pincer + 1 plier

First, the chain is cut into two equal pieces.
Put the pin through each bead, then bend the pin at the end in the form of a loop. After this, attach the beads to one another by using these loops, thus connecting the 3 beads ( in the order indicated in the photo ).
Take a jump ring and attach the beads to one of the previously cut chain. At the other end of the chains attach one part of the clamps set.
Repeat the proces for the other part of the chain.

This type of necklace isn't hard to make, yet it's very chic.
To be more specific, I have made ​​two types of necklaces. Which is your favorite one?

Have a nice weekend!

Love, Nadejda\!

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