Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Go with the wind

I'm very glad to show you the new project that I worked on in collaboration with a young talented photographer named Mihai Avornicesa. He has a different new vision, different that I'm use to, but I realy enjoy it.
The photoshoot was taken in the lovely town Iassi, my university's town and, we can say, my soul town.
This is the first collaboration, but I hope that there will be some more. 

Please enjoy and let me know what do you think about these pictures. The only thing that I can say is... just perfect!!!

Love, Nadejda.

I was wearing:
Dress- Asos
Sweater- H&M
Ankle boots - ZARA
Coat - ZARA
Necklace - 3suisses
Earrings- Josephine
Bracelets- made by me
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