Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Phone Diary

 1. In the plane, on the way back from Paris.

2. Brioche Dorée with forest fruits and coffe.
The sharing experience. :)
  3. What could be more pleasant than,
a campfire at a lake or river, with friends and a glass of wine.

                       4. Chewing some gum.                                  5.On the way to airport.

6. The last day in Palma de Mallorca.

7. Somewhere in the sky between Palma and Bucharest.

8. A Ladybug in the middle of November.

9.A relaxed dinner in town.

10. I just love... this bag, for him.

11. In Iasi, visiting my brother and sister.

12. My favourite...sandwich with vegetables and grilled chicken breast.

13. We love French cuisine.
Quiche cooked by our friend Cristina.

14.Creme brulee by Cristina.
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