Thursday, April 12, 2012

My spring accesories

Just a little more...yellow


Mint effect


In this weekend was a very lovely weather, so we gone for walks in Parc Herastrau. Here I seen many flowers, many colours. Colours that I have in  my closet. So, here are some of the pictures that I take...and...accesories I have in those colours.

Have a nice and wonderful, and sweet day!

Shoes ( black ) -Anne Michelle
Shoes ( brown ) - Amiclub
Oxford shoes - Asos 
Necklace ( yellow ) - Stradivarius
Belt - designe and made by me
Pearl necklace -  designe and made by me
Red necklace -  designe and made by me
Skirt ( blue ) - designe and made by me
Blouse - HM
Skirt( cream ) - HM
Skirt ( dark red ) - Miniprix
Hair jewellery - Asos
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